Soundsmith - ''Counter Intuitive'' VPI Tracking/Azimuth Adjustment

Soundsmith - ''Counter Intuitive'' VPI Tracking/Azimuth Adjustment




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The Absolute Sound - 2013 Editors' Choice Awards
The Absolute Sound - 2012 Editors' Choice Awards

 The Soundsmith Counter “Intuitive”

    * Fits VPI turntables tonearms:
    * ----------
    * JMW-9t
    * JMW-9 Signature
    * JMW-10.5i
    * The Classic Arm
    * JMW-12.7
    * ----------
Approximate weight is ~ 11.5 grams

A "must have" device for VPI owners who have dreamed of a way to easily adjust both tracking force and azimuth ~ without losing one setting while adjusting the other ~ we introduce the Soundsmith "Intuitive".

Now, for the first time ever, its delightfully easy to INDEPENDENTLY adjust your VPI tonearm to the exact tracking force and azimuth for optimal alignment, and to return to that setting easily and quickly. Peak performance done simply. Calibrated scales allow quick tweaking for accurate comparison of different settings.

Each "Intuitive" is carefully hand machined for a precision fit out of a thermally stable, highly damped polymer material, with installed brass weights. Designed to last a lifetime....

Kit includes two adhesive scales and attachment weight. (VPI arm weight shown in pictures is not included)

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Customer Reviews (5.00 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.

Very Easy

posted on 02/13/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Bill T
This makes the final adjustments on the unipivot arm a snap!

Check out before using it on a 12,7 /HRX

posted on 10/10/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: TJN
If you use a heavy pick-up (11-13 gr.) on a HRX with a 12.7 arm the standard counterweight will get so far back on the armtube that the "counter intuitive" will touch the rear / right foot, it will not work on a HRX unless using the heavy counterweight.

Greatly simplifies adjustin azimuth!!

posted on 08/25/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Michel
greatly simplifies the adjustment of azimuth and tracking force on the VPI arm. Also allows you to easily go back and forth between settings and compare the sound. Very nice device for VPI tonearms.

Excellent Tweak!

posted on 08/23/2010
5 Stars
This device allows adjusting my VPI tonearm much easier.

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