Dexter Gordon - Doin' Allright

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Music Matters (Blue Note)



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180 Gram Vinyl Record

At the time that he recorded Doin' All Right, his very first Blue Note album, Dexter Gordon had a reason to be smiling. Gordon was making a major comeback after spending several years in prison on a narcotics conviction. After being one of the primary pacesetters among tenors during the bebop era, Dex had been largely forgotten in the 1950s due to several other periods of involuntary incarceration. But after the release of this 1961 album with the young trumpet sensation Freddie Hubbard and the Horace Parlan Trio, Dexter was here to stay.


1. I Was Doing All Right
2. You've Changed
3. For Regulars Only
4. Society Red
5. It's You Or No One

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Excellent clarity

posted on 08/29/2021
5 Stars
Reviewer: Brian VanPelt
I've heard before that some people have reported warped Music Matters discs. This is the case with me. However, this mild warping does not affect the sound in my case. Otherwise, both records were almost noise-free. It was easy to discern the instruments in space - Dexter on the left, the piano centered, the drums on the right. The bass was back there somewhere.

The sound was very clear, but I did notice that this album is cut in a conservative manner. What I mean is that the recent Tone Poets and Classic Reissue Series are quite a bit louder than this. The louder records allow me to reduce the volume, which also minimizes surface noise. It's not such a problem when the vinyl is quiet as you can simply turn up the volume. This album is sufficiently quiet that turning up the volume does not bring about undo surface noise.

As of this writing, but who knows for how long, this album is in stock at the Music Matters Jazz website, and it's $10 cheaper there.

Full Package!

posted on 05/26/2013
5 Stars
Reviewer: Emmanuel
As usual the music and the packaging from Music Matters are intoxicating and winning combo. As usual when things are this good, people resort to superficial criticism cause it's human nature to criticize. Two laughable criticism I always hear about these Blue Note 45RPMs: 1) I had to get up so many times to change sides. Really? I've never been happier to get off the seat, a small price to pay to hear these records presented this way. So far as I'm concerned, we music lovers should send thanksgiving cards every year to Ron Rombach of Music Matters and Chad Kassem of Analogue Productions for reissuing these records at 45RPM. If these two gentlemen did not put out these records in this format who else would have cared enough to do so? The big record labels? Don't make me laugh. 2) Some people insinuate that these records sound like CD. Any time I read or hear someone say that a 45RPM record sounds like a CD I know they either have bad hearing or the have faulty equipment.

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