December's Children - December's Children

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Pink vinyl LP

LP cut by Kevin Gray from the Mainstream Records master tape!

Pressed in the U.S.A. at Citizen Vinyl for optimal sound

Finally, a legitimate pressing back in stock!

Part of Sundazed's deep exploration into the Mainstream Records label

Bluesy rust-belt psych from Ohio's December's Children! Bouncing between male and female vocalists, tight harmonies, country flavor and rock ‘n' roll style, their sound fit the transition between pop and heavy rock in the late ‘60s. Pressed on pink vinyl w/ purple splatter!

This country-blues psych album was originally released near the end of 1970, and though it was their sole album, December's Children are a good example of how music was changing between the end of the ‘60s and beginning of the ‘70s. Accented by psychedelic keys & organ (especially in "Trilogy"), it's been described as Texas garage rock, with funky, hook driven guitar - particularly in "Sweet Talkin' Woman" and "Last Monday Night."

Opting for a more straight forward rock ‘n' roll sound, the band never considered themselves psychedelic (though that was being pushed at the time), and though they weren't as heavy as Blue Cheer, their country-blues sound is nearly a precursor to later albums by Savoy Brown and Blodwyn Pig.


Side A
1. Trilogy (I. Casino / II. In Between a Dream / III. Lady of they Garden)
2. Sweet Talkin' Woman
3. Jane's Song
4. Hide the Water
5. Afternoon

Side B
1. Slow It Down
2. Too Early to Be Late
3. Last Monday Night
4. Back Roar Rider
5. Livin' Way Too Fast

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