April Wine - Electric Jewels

 (Limited Edition Red Arborite Vinyl )


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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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Electric Jewels (Limited Edition 180-gram red arborite vinyl)

Limited edition LP 180-gram pressing on red arborite vinyl. Aquarius Records. 2020. The recording of Electric Jewels was marked by significant changes within the band. As a result of creative differences, the Henman brothers left April Wine and were replaced by guitarist Gary Moffet and drummer Jerry Mercer.

The high-energy sound of this album reflected the band's increasing emphasis on live performance.

Weeping Widow was something of an FM Radio favorite at the time of it's release.


Side A
1. Weeping Widow
2. Just Like That
3. Electric Jewels
4. You Opened Up My Eyes

Side B
1. Come on Along
2. Lady Run, Lady Hide
3. I Can Hear You Callin'
4. Cat's Claw
5. The Band Has Just Begun

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