Andre Previn - Double Play!

Andre Previn - Double Play!


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This unique album is believed to have been the first-ever such session by two modern jazz pianists. Not only were their pianistic conceptions similar, but they shared an interest in baseball that is made unmistakably clear by the titles of the originals, not to mention the inevitable "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." They were also close friends of (and frequent collaborators with) their colleague Shelly Manne. Previn was quite deeply involved in jazz at this stage of his career. Though they moved later to other worlds--Previn, of course, to the concert stages as an esteemed conductor, and Freeman to the Hollywood studios--both still occasionally reveal their abiding love for jazz. This is an effervescent, excellently conceived set, and a remarkable display of musical empathy.

1. Take Me Out to the Ball Game
2. Who's on First?
3. Called on Account of Rain
4. In the Cellar Blues
5. Batter Up
6. Double Play
7. Safe at Home
8. Fungo
9. Strike Out the Band

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