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200 Gram Vinyl Record

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200 Gram LP


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200-gram double LP

A new series of King Crimson 2LP sets covering the albums THRAK, The ReconstruKction Of Light, and The Power To Believe will be released in September 2019 bringing these albums to vinyl for the very first time.

The Power to Believe features in its 2019 expanded master on sides 1 through 3 , including the "Sus-tayn-Z suite." Side four features eight tracks taken from the mini-album "Happy with what you have to be Happy with."

Side 1
1. The Power To Believe I: A Capella
2. Level Five
3. Eyes Wide Open
4. Elektrik

Side 2
1. Facts of Life: Intro
2. Facts of Life
3. The Power To Be Lieve II: Power Circle
4. Dangerous Curves

Side 3
1. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
2. The Power To Believe III: Deception Of The Thrush
3. The Power To Believe IV: Coda
4. Sus-Tayn-Z 1
5. Superslow
6. Sus-Tayn-Z 2

Side 4
1. Bude
2. Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With
3. Mie Gakure
4. She Shudders
5. Eyes Wide Open
6. Shoganai
7. I Ran
8. Potato Pie

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