Disc Doctor - Miracle Record Brush

 (Size C/ Each + Spare Pad)

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Record Cleaner


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Size B (Pair)

Record Cleaner
Size C (Pair)

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Record Cleaner
Size A/ Each + Spare Pad

Record Cleaner
(Size B/ Each + Spare Pad)

For 10" Size Vinyl Records

Includes spare cleaning pad.

Unless you've cleaned your records with The Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner and Brushes you've yet to enjoy all the music your records have to offer!

Keeping your records clean is essential for enjoyable listening and to protect your valuable vinyl. This simple and inexpensive tool should be owned by anyone spinning LPs. This record brush cleans deep into the grooves, removing dirt and dust. With a proprietary cleaning pad and a well-designed handle, this brush can be used for wet-cleaning or simply for dry brushing. And while one cleaning pad will last for hundreds of records, we supply a spare pad with the purchase of this brush.

"I've been playing records for 50 years and cutting record masters for almost 40. I have an extensive record collection and love vinyl as much as I ever did. I have used other record cleaners, but The Disc Doctor's products are, in my opinion, without peer. I have noticed vast improvement even with records that looked relatively clean before cleaning. I clean every record now before playing. I can't put into words how much more involving it makes my record listening. Do yourself a favor and stop thinking about ordering this stuff and do it! You won't be disappointed." - Kevin Gray, Owner, Cohearent Audio, LLC

"I use the Disc Doctor's fluid & brushes...I like this fluid a lot...these are my favorite brushes." - Michael Fremer, Editor, musicangle.com & Senior Contributing Editor, Stereophile

"…I've got to say up front that the Disc Doctor's Brush is simply the best designed device for cleaning records I've ever seen or used."Bruce Kinch, Primyl Vinyl Exchange Newsletter, Chestnut Hill, MA


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