Furutech - FI-15E[G] 24K Gold Plated IEC Connector




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It could be argued that plugging some $50,000 worth of high-end audio equipment into a 49-cent wall receptacle is ludicrous. The same could be said about using those cheap molded plugs that came with your equipment’s power cords. The fact is, you and your system deserve a whole lot more.

If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, then it stands to reason that your system is only as strong as its weakest connection. You’re compromising your sound unless you’ve got durable, airtight connections to the electricity that ultimately drives your setup. It doesn’t make sense to invest so much in high-end sound only to cheap out at the most affordable and most fundamental point. Introducing Furutech connectors and wall receptacles.

Audio-grade IEC connector

Type: two-pole + earth

Rating: 15A 125V AC for North America

Features: All parts are processed with bronze or OFC and non-magnetism.

Specifications: Maximum cable diameter/13 mm. Body is 50.5 mm long, 32 mm square and 71.8 mm in overall length.

Body: Totally insulated body is constructed of Nylon.

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