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Accessories for Record Cleaning Machines


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Replacement tube for VPI record-cleaning machines. Now includes alignment slot for guide pin and tube holder – perfect vacuuming alignment every time.

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Plastic VPI pickup tube

posted on 03/24/2019
1 Stars
I had a 16.5 about 10 years ago. I had two of the plastic tube breaks and I got tired, so instead of buying another one, I went to home depot and got me an aluminum tube of exactly the same diameter, plug one end with a piece of wood, used my dremel to do the slit opening and glued on the felt from vpi. This diy tube outlast the machine itself. People that uses Triton X will make the plastic brittle and breaks easily. VPI should just make the tube out of metal that can resist all kind of chemical used for cleaning vinyl.

Tubes? Really?

posted on 01/10/2017
1 Stars
Reviewer: Z
The tubes. Suck! Too brittle or thin or something. They crack and break same place (where the tube joins the holder), over and over and over. "Really VPI"? "Is that all you've got"? "Get off your butts and fix it"! Huge rip off. I'm stuck with a VPI 17 and it's ok except for the cheap tubes. I would buy something else if I knew about the tubes.

A joke!

posted on 05/06/2016
1 Stars
Reviewer: Scott
I've been using my VPI cleaner for years and been pleased with the overall performance, but these tubes are a joke. After replacing close to $300 worth of these things over the years I've given up. I finally went to a local plastic shop and had them fabricate a similar tube out of a stronger plastic. My custom tubes have outlasted these at a rate of 5 or 6 to one. Why continue to gouge record collectors?


posted on 07/28/2017
3 Stars
Reviewer: DjPaulT
I bought my VPI 16.5 back in 2010 since then I have had to replace this vacuum tube several times. I noticed that the tube becomes brittle at the end where it attaches to the holder and simply breaks off. You would think that VPI would realize this issue and make the tube out of a heavier material. Especially at $30 per tube. Otherwise happy with the machine.

UPDATE! I bought the much stronger VPI - Delrin Pickup Tube and it has lasted for three years now it's more expensive but worth the extra cash.

they brake down too soon

posted on 02/17/2009
2 Stars
Reviewer: Bob
I use 3 tubes according to the Walker System. First based on alcohol, second oon enzyme and the third to rinse with special hospital grade water. I have a VPI 16.1 record cleaner machine since 2004 and used, in my opinion too many tubes: they just crackle and brake down. But I have very clean and good sounding record, so for the machine,and tubes, for the time they last, the best grade!


posted on 04/28/2018
5 Stars
Reviewer: Cris Yarborough
I don't know why people are complaining about the life of the tubes. I bought my 16.5 back in 2006 and still have the same tubes (I bought a total of 4 initially. I have changed the felt on them but they tubes have never broken or failed in any way. I rinse the tubes after each cleaning. If the record is a dirty thrift store find, I use a two tube method. One for initial debris, mold etc removal with a green dishwashing soap and distilled water mix. Next I use a different tube with Disc Doctor's Miracle Record Cleaner. Then a distilled water rinse. I can't imagine how people are breaking their tubes. Here is a YouTube video of what I do:


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