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AAPC 2471-45
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45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 180 Gram

45 RPM  

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
Hybrid 3-Channel Stereo SACD
1/4 Inch - 15 IPS Tape
Ultra Tape

Now cut at 45 RPM by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound from the original master tape!

Lacquers plated by Gary Salstrom and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Quality Record Pressings!

Deluxe gatefold jacket from Stoughton Printing

Praise for our 33 1/3 version!

"These records are definitive." - Michael Fremer, editor, AnalogPlanet.com

"These are the best vinyl releases of RCA LPs I've yet heard." — Jonathan Valin, executive editor, The Absolute Sound

The exceptional sound of Analogue Productions' 180-gram 45 RPM LPs is now available for this classic double disc release. Maestro Stokowski is at the podium and Bob Simpson is at the 3-track Ampex recorder to capture the Rhapsodies from Liszt, Enesco and Smetana that give this issue its title. This is titanic sound that will sink most speakers and amps for that matter. A must. The original 3-track session tapes were used in mastering for LPs and SACDS.

1. Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 in C-Sharp Minor
2. Enescu - Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 in A, Op. 11
3. Smetana - The Moldau
4. Smetana - The Bartered Bride: Overture

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