Clearaudio - Hand Held LP Drill

 (To Correct Under-Sized Spindle Holes)




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Clearaudio LP Drill

Simple, Ingenious Clearaudio LP Drill Enlarges Undersized Spindle Holes on LPs Quickly, Effectively, and Cleanly

While most of us cringe at the thought of using a drill on our prized LP's, Clearaudio's LP drill is a simple solution to the maddening problem familiar to most seasoned vinyl listeners: A spindle hole on a favorite that's just a touch too small for the spindle.

You'll never need to force an LP onto your turntable's spindle ever again! A simple, ingenious tool that enlarges the spindle hole on all your LPs that have undersized holes, the Clearaudio LP Drill instantly corrects this pressing error and allows you to enjoy your vinyl without any frustration.

Fitted with an elegant, ergonomic aluminum handle and exactly 7.3mm in diameter, the Clearaudio LP Drill features a super-sharp bit that cuts cleanly and effectively, allowing a perfect fit on your 'table's spindle. Its the best option on the market today, and an essential device for anyone that spins LPs.

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