Maurice Abravanel - Varese: Ameriques

Maurice Abravanel - Varese: Ameriques


Classic Records (Vanguard)



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AVAC 274
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This Vanguard blockbuster recording was, for the first time ever, transferred from the original three-track analog master tape. The sound is big and glorious and required almost no equalization which is quite rare for classical recordings. The Milhaud selection features a vocal quartet which is superbly intergrated sonically into the performance. This is a tour de force performance by Maurice Abavanel with his Utah Symphony Orchestra and a pinnacle of Vanguard Recordings. Small tube amps beware!

1. Milhaud's L'homme et son desir
2. Honnegger's Pacific 231

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Great LP of Modern Music

posted on 03/13/2012
4 Stars
Reviewer: Triodeotl
If you liked the Speakers Corner re-issue of "Ionization" on Decca. You will definately want to add this to your collection. Modern but accessable with lots of percussion and horns calling. Wonderful great sound that does not disapoint. The chances of finding an original of this are next to nil.

My copy was totally quiet and the pressing was totally flat. What are you waiting for the cover alone is worth the price of admission. In case you are wondering I am recommending you get it now before it sells out and goes out of print. Or worse yet it gets on one of those lists like the one that I am drawing up to post on the web and then what. The price will skyrocket overnight.

Or just wait until Harry Pearson hears it, then what? I highly recommend this LP for the sound and the music. Don't miss it or you'll be sorry. +++++

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