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DragonTail is a USB 2.0 extender for use when a USB device (such as AQ’s DragonFly® USB Stick,Digital-Audio Converter or a flash drive) is too large to fit next to other occupied computer,ports. DragonTail measures 4.4 inches (112 mm) from end to end, and its flexibility makes it,safer to use USB 2.0 devices on airplanes and in other mobile environments. Because audio,performance must never be compromised in any application, DragonTail’s crucial design,elements are shared with Carbon digital-audio interconnects, including solid 5% silver,conductors, foamed-polyethylene insulation to maintain critical signal-pair geometry, and,direct-silver plated (male) USB contacts. DragonTail’s signal-carrying conductors are controlled,for digital-audio directionality for more engaging, “3D” sound. Like all AudioQuest cables,,components and accessories DragonTail is designed and manufactured for low distortion and,maximum performance.

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