Various Blues Artists - BluesQuest

Various Blues Artists - BluesQuest


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Hybrid Stereo SACD

Hybrid Stereo SACD


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Sampler containing the best of the best.the cream of the crop from all AQM blues releases. Included are tracks from Mighty Sam McClain, Terry Evans, Sherman Robertson, Joe Beard, Doug MacLeod, Robert Lucas and Ronnie Earl.

1. Get Us, Get Ready – Terry Evans
2. One Good Woman – Doug MacLeod
3. Dirty Groundhog – Joe Beard
4. Too Proud – Mighty Sam McClain
5. Country Girl – Earl, Perkins, Jones, Smith
6. The Prowler – Bruce Katz Band
7. Going Back Home – Sherman Robertson
8. Old Country Road – Doug MacLeod
9. 50 lbs. of Bone – Robert Lucas
10. See See Rider – Joe Beard
11. Ronnie’s Blues – Earl, Perkins, Jones, Smith
12. Somebody Help Me – Mighty Sam McClain

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Sound Qualilty

posted on 05/26/2013
5 Stars
my first ever sacds arrived in Canada the same week. I ordered different types of music. This bluesquest is so easy to listen and relax too.I wish all cds sounded this good. I listen thru a sacd player thru the hdmi output its good.. But when it goes thru the dacs output then we listening to music at its best. if cd is in dts you want surround use hdmi output if you want the best sound quality use analog output.

Outstanding sonic value

posted on 01/16/2010
5 Stars
This is one outstanding SACD to listen to. Not only are ALL of the selections extremely enjoyable (I am not a big blues fan) but the recording is among the best that I have heard (I have 100+ SACDs). Buy this SACD and your music system (whatever the value) will truly shine.

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