Ray Charles - The Genius Sings the Blues


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Must-have songs from Ray Charles' peak era!

A classic of the soul and R&B canon, The Genius Sings the Blues is a snapshot of the evolution of timeless American music captured by the pianist's indelible rhythmic pace, gospel roots, jazz backgrounds and Southern-style accents.


1. Early in the Mornin' (Hickman, Jordan, Bartley)
2. Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)
3. The Midnight Hour (Sweet)
4. (Night Time Is) the Right Time (Brown, Cadena, Herman)
5. Feelin' Sad (Jones)
6. Ray's Blues
7. I'm Movin' On (Snow)
8. I Believe to My Soul
9. Nobody Cares
10. Mr. Charles' Blues
11. Some Day Baby
12. I Wonder Who

Customer Reviews (3.00 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

Killer album - dud pressing!

posted on 04/19/2012
3 Stars
Reviewer: Bill Pfeifer
MOFI need to rethink their philosophy regarding historical reissues. I've compared the same tracks from this LP with other Ray Charles reissues I own. Despite their age and the relatively lofi recordings these tracks usually jump out and grab you. The MOFI pressing, on the other hand, sounds "deadened". I think the problem is that MOFI are committed to "quiet" vinyl. This is all well and good in the audiophile environment where MOFI have made their name, but with historical recordings, like this one, there is a certain amount of surface noise and/or tape hiss that can only be removed by chopping the high frequencies, and that's exactly what this record sounds like. I've also bought the MOFI "Here's Little Richard", another lofi 50's classic - and it suffers from exactly the same problem! Very disappointing! Lift your game MOFI!

Great music, bad sound

posted on 05/15/2011
3 Stars
Probably the original recording was bad and/or the master tapes are in poor condition. No argument with the music, but MoFi is synonym with great sound and this is far from it.

great music

posted on 12/20/2010
2 Stars
Reviewer: Michael
the music of Ray Charles is out of question, it's worth buying it. However, this is not what MFSL was used to present since there's no clarity, no room structure, ...

The record is great, but it might be the last MFSL I bought, since I believe all earlier pressings will be better, but dure to the age of this recordings will be hard to find

Great Music-Bad Sound

posted on 10/30/2010
1 Stars
Reviewer: Peter -Sydney
Nothing more needs to be said about the great Ray Charle's Atlantic recordings. I bought this version expecting very good sound going from the blurb. Unfortuneatly it is a big Dud sonically. Must be the oriiginal tapes that are flawed? The band sounds like it is playing underwater.Do find a lot of the early Atlantic appears to be very badly engineered which is such a shame for these great masterpieces.

A must own

posted on 10/19/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Scott
While the audio might be a little less pristine than other MFSL releases because some of this material is over 50 years old the performances are well worth the price!

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