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Weather Report's biggest selling album is that ideal thing, a popular and artistic success and for the same reasons. For one thing, Joe Zawinul revealed an unexpectedly potent commercial streak for the first time since his Cannonball Adderley days, contributing what has become a perennial hit, "Birdland."

A Remark You Made
Teen Town
Rumba Mama
The Juggler

Customer Reviews (3.33 Stars) 6 person(s) rated this product.

For you Jaco fans!

posted on 12/17/2012
5 Stars
Just wonderful to hear your favorite album in the world, a smooth,wonderful sound of 180 gram record.. that's it just wonderful.............

golden fusion

posted on 07/23/2009
4 Stars
Great music by great musicians. Sound engineering could be more perfect, though.

two copies-both defective pressing

posted on 04/23/2009
2 Stars
The outer tracks on both sides of both copies had defects. You could see the bad vinyl on side two but side one was scratchy right from the start of "Birdland" which kind of wrecks it for that cool intro. Still, most of the rest of the lp had great fidelity

Timeless music; unacceptable surface distortion

posted on 03/29/2009
2 Stars
Reviewer: Dan
Agreed with the previous reviewer about the vinyl quality. I have an original pressing that I bought back in 1978. The Legacy version does have a richer sound, but the surface is full of annoying defects and distortion; it is, in my opinion, unlistenable. I'll be returning it, and I will also probably refrain from buying anything from Legacy going forward, as this is the worst quality "audiophile" LP I have ever purchased. I'll just stick with my original Columbia recording, which is still in amazingly good condition after all these years, and maybe get the SACD at some point if it's available in order to (hopefully) get the fuller frequency range. As for the music itself, Heavy Weather remains a timeless classic, and the finest collection of compositions ever put forward by Weather Report (IMHO). They'll be writing about this in the music theory and history books one day, along with Bach, Brahms, Debussy, Stravinsky et al, if not already.

Best Seller

posted on 01/28/2009
4 Stars
Reviewer: Ross Peterson
For me Jaco is a standout in this band of standout performers. He used to say he was the best electric bass player of all time and I for one agree. The 'Ali' of bass players shines on this great fusion album. Sonics are good too and at the price a best buy!

Cold Front: Rough vinyl ahead

posted on 01/20/2009
3 Stars
In the January 2009 issue of TAS on page 158, there is a review titled "Legacy's Vinyl Reissues: A Mixed Bag." They talked about the quality of the vinyl not being the best. I found that to be true for the Starships’ Blows Against the Empire, and also this one by Weather Report. The sound quality is equal to or greater than the original album, however the quality of the vinyl is not up to current standards. I will think long and hard before I buy another Legacy reissue.

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