Bob Marley - Trenchtown Rock

 (Limited Edition Translucent Yellow Vinyl)





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Bob Marley Trenchtown Rock

12" limited edition translucent yellow vinyl

Brand-new album artwork

Deluxe package with printed inner sleeve

Includes the smash hits "Sun Is Shining," "Kaya" and "Trenchtown Rock"

Experience the iconic reggae sound of Jamaican legend Bob Marley. Trenchtown is a poor area in Kingston, Jamaica where Marley grew up. After a hurricane destroyed many of the homes there in 1951, a new settlement formed around a dump site. It was a difficult way of life, and Marley wrote this about how music was an escape from the poverty and desperation of Trenchtown.

The title track praised the virtues of slum-living and portrayed the poor as the righteous; it was the first popular track in Jamaica to speak for their marginalized lower class.

Trenchtown Rock had an enormous social impact and as Peter Tosh remembers, brought the Wailers into a new dimension.

Screw Face
Love Light (Shining)
Nice Time
Power and More Power
Redder Than Red
All in One
Lively Up Yourself
Sun Is Shining
African Herbsman
Mr. Brown
Brain Washing
Rebel's Hop
Stand Alone
Trenchtown Rock
Mellow Mood

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