Music Hall Audio - Music Hall CD 25.3

 (CD Player With Remote/ Black)

Music Hall Audio - Music Hall CD 25.3

Music Hall Audio



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E CD25.3
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  • The CD 25.3 has a superb DAC and uses a switch-mode power supply.
  • ESS ES9018K2M Sabre 32bit/384 KHz Audio Dac
  • Exceptional jitter suppressing
  • brushed aluminum faceplate.
  • vibration damped CD transport.
  • high efficiency switch-mode power supply
  • gold plated stereo output.
  • coax digital output!
  • removable power cord
  • special padded vibration damping feet
  • voltage 90v – 240v
  • system remote control
  • easy to view display.
  • black finish


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