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Cécile McLorin Salvant's 2023 album

"She is, without a doubt, her generation's most accomplished jazz vocalist, and easily could have continued along the trajectory of performing and recording standards, punctuated by her own and other compositions both within and outside the borders of the genre." — Angela Y. Davis

"Anyone who thinks they already know the full extent of Cécile McLorin Salvant's artistry should listen to Mélusine without further delay. It's a remarkable recording in several respects. Beautifully recorded, Salvant continues to confound and delight at every turn." — Jazzwise

Mélusine features a mix of five originals and interpretations of nine songs, dating as far back as the 12th century, mostly sung in French along with Occitan, English, and Haitian Kreyòl. Mélusine follows her label debut, Ghost Song, which received two Grammy nominations and tremendous critical praise, including spots on best albums of 2022 lists from the New York Times and NPR, among others. The new album's songs tell the story of the European folkloric legend of Mélusine, a woman who turns into a half-snake each Saturday as a result of a childhood curse by her mother.

Mélusine later agrees to marry Raymondin on the condition that he never see her on Saturdays. He agrees but is ultimately convinced by his brother to break his promise, piercing his wife's door with his sword and finding her naked in the bath, half snake, half woman. When she catches him spying on her, she turns into a dragon and flies out the window, only to reappear every time one of her descendants is on their deathbed.

Salvant, whose parents are French and Haitian, says Mélusine is also "partly about that feeling of being a hybrid, a mixture of different cultures, which I've experienced not only as the American-born child of two first generation immigrants, but as someone raised in a family that is racially mixed, from several different countries, with different languages spoken in the home."

Est-ce ainsi que les hommes vivent?
La route enchantée
Il m'a vue nue
Dites moi que je suis belle
Petite musique terrienne
D'un feu secret
Le temps est assassin
Domna N'Almucs
Dame Iseut

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posted on 05/17/2023
5 Stars
Ms Mclorin has one of the most blessed voices in musicdom in any language. But listening to her in French is a particular pleasure since she not only has perfect pitch but also perfect diction, a very rare gift. And though the vynil is of no special type, the recording and sound quality are excellent. This record is a must have. Quite a treasure indeed. It is one of my fervent wishes that she would someday pay homage to the american standards at least in one collection since not only would it be an unbelievable economic success that would bring her to the mainstream but her skills would do them more than justice! Bon Chance!

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