Deer Tick - Divine Providence

 (11th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition 3LP Set, Each on Different Shades of Orange Vinyl + Photo Booklet)


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11th Anniversary deluxe reissue of their seminal LP!

Alternative rock-folk band Deer Tick release new song "Cake and Eggs"

Three LP set on different shades of orange vinyl, along with 12-page photo booklet!

Includes unreleased songs and never-before-heard takes on revered tracks!

"One of the fun things about diving into the old Divine Providence tapes was hearing all the forgotten material we recorded. We found a somewhat unfinished take of ‘Cake and Eggs,' a kind of irreverent love song in the style of John Prine and Iris DeMent's ‘In Spite of Ourselves,'" Deer Tick's John McCauley says.

For the album's 11th anniversary, the band is reissuing a celebratory edition, a 3LP set pressed on varied shades of orange vinyl, together with a 12-page booklet of freshly unearthed photos from the time the project was released. Along with the booklet, the anniversary reissue will also come with unreleased songs and never-before-heard takes on some of the most revered tracks in the band's discography.

"I wrote with Nikki from Those Darlins and it quickly became a live staple and an important song for that era of Deer Tick," reflected McCauley in a statement. "It's surprising it never ended up on one of our records. Anyways, I slapped a new guitar track on there, Dennis and I recorded some new vocals, and now we're happy to present this studio version of ‘Cake and Eggs,' some eleven or twelve years after it was written. Enjoy."

Back in 2011 Divine Providence served as the Rhode Island-born band's fourth LP and came during a pivotal time as the band was experiencing multiple lineup changes. After the release of the offering, Deer Tick solidified with McCauley (vocals/guitar), Christopher Ryan (bass), Denis Ryan (drums), and Ian O'Neil (guitar). The original project was produced by Adam Landry and Justin Collins at Machines with Magnets in Pawtucket, R.I., and the anniversary edition was remastered by John Baldwin at John Baldwin Mastering.

Side A
1. The Bump
2. Funny Word
3. Let's All Go to the Bar
4. Clownin Around
5. Main Street
6. Chevy Express

Side B
1. Something to Brag About
2. Walkin Out the Door
3. Make Believe
4. Now It's Your Turn
5. Electric
6. Miss K.

Side C
1. Mr. Cigarette
2. Main Street
3. Born at Zero
4. Virginia Gal
5. Chevy Express
6. Electric

Side D
1. Born at Zero
2. Walls
3. Virginia Gal
4. She's Not Spanish
5. Main Street (Acoustic)

Side E
1. Bury Deep
2. Cake and Eggs
3. Hope Is Big
4. Mr. Cigarette

Side F
1. Make Believe
2. Now It's Your Turn
3. Divine Providence - feat. Longmont Potion Castle

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