Chet Atkins - Mister Guitar


Speakers Corner (RCA Living Stereo)



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This album features Chet Atkins as "Mister Guitar," who - as a soloist - only allowed a small and highly discreet rhythm group to accompany him. The result is a refreshingly pure and unadulterated steel-string sound without frills and padding and so has little in common with the commercial country music of the masses. With his relaxed, technically perfect and highly variable playing technique, Atkins churns out simple, yet highly melodic, numbers.

1. I Know That You Know
2. Rainbow
3. Hello Bluebird
4. Siesta
5. Country Style
6. Show Me The Way to Go Home
7. I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles
8. Backwoods
9. Country Gentleman
10. Slinkey
11. Jessie
12. Concerto In C Minor

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