L'Art du Son - Pro Audio Disc Cleaning Solution

 (Cleaner and Conditioner for CD/DVD/SACD/Blu-ray)

L'Art du Son



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The newest member of the l'Art du Son family is a sprayed-on treatment for optical discs that both cleans and conditions the surface of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays or SACDs.

Customer Reviews (4.50 Stars) 4 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 07/15/2011
3 Stars
Reviewer: DaveC
I could not perceive any sonic improvement with this product. It certainly cleans the CDs nicely, but beyond that I'll leave it to the "golden ears".

good product

posted on 08/29/2009
5 Stars
This cleaner really helps bring out more detail from discs, and is a good investment in sound.

Sheer Magic!

posted on 12/24/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Iqbal Mustafa
I have tried other solutions before with credible improvements but this product is sheer magic!!! From smoothing the highs, to giving palpable body to mids, to giving added detail and weight to the bass, it works on all discs I have used it on. I don't listen to anything without this treatment now..... P.S I have tried it in blind tests too... difference is starkly clear.

I'm impressed!!!

posted on 10/28/2006
5 Stars
I was very curious how this product might work. I tried it on a couple of cd's at home and crossed my fingers. The sound improvement was immediately noticeable. The music seemed to sound bettter on all dimensions, more detailed, tighter bass and improved soundstage, etc. Too good to be true, I wondered? I wanted another opinion, so I took the product to my favorite audio dealer. First we listened to a untreated cd. The, we sprayed L'Art du Son on the homemade cd. Both sales people immediately noticed the difference. After listening to the cd for a minute, the younger employeee said that he was hearing musical stuff that he had not previously heard. I'm in musical bliss with this stuff and am looking forward to trating all my cd's with L'Art du Son!

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