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200 Gram Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

200 Gram LP


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200-gram double LP expanded edition

The original album plus a side of tracks from the mini album VROOM

Cut from masters approved by Robert Fripp

A new series of King Crimson 2LP sets covering the albums THRAK, The ReconstruKction Of Light, and The Power To Believe will be released in September 2019 bringing these albums to vinyl for the very first time.

THRAK (1995) appears in an expanded edition with the main album taking up sides one, two and three. Side four features four tracks taken from the VROOOM mini-album which preceded the THRAK sessions plus the complete "Inner Garden" taken from the THRAK box set.

Side 1
1. Vrooom
2. Coda: Marine 475
3. Dinosaur
4. Walking On Air

Side 2
1. B’Boom
2. Thrak
3. Inner Garden I
4. People
5. Radio I

Side 3
1. One Time
2. Radio II
3. Inner Garden II
4. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
5. Vrooom Vrooom
6. Vrooom Vrooom: Coda

Side 4
1. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
2. Cage
3. Thrak
4. When I Say Stop, Continue
5. Inner Garden (Complete)

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