Nathan Davis - Live In Paris with Georges Arvanitas Trio: The ORTF Recordings 1966/67


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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram LP


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A never-before released Nathan Davis 1966/'67 live recording

First official release with the full permission and cooperation of the Nathan Davis Estate & Institut National de l'Audiovisuel

Vinyl-only edition; no digital is scheduled

180-gram 3LP set pressed by Optimal in Germany

Remastered from the original master tapes

Tri-fold cover with full-size photos by Jean-Pierre Leloir

"Style is not a given. Not many musicians reach the level of artistic personality where you can unmistakably recognize them. It takes character, roots, honesty, soulfulness. Nathan Davis had style. His tone on tenor was unique. So was his soprano sound and his distinctive approach to flute. His musical world was equally original and knew no boundaries.

"This concert in Paris is audible proof that as a performer, his fluid phrasing, distinct articulation, booming bottom register, growls and shrieks were fuelled by tremendous drive and furious invention — the man was on fire! These live sessions demonstrate the limitless invention of Nathan's solos. Holding no punches, weaving signature phrases, shouts and riffs into his solos, he was a fierce and fervid performer.

"With a sort of hollow resonance at the heart of his reedy and warm sound, Nathan Davis was a highly original artist, from an era when having a distinct sound on your instrument was the grail of jazz artistry. Harold Land, Jimmy Heath, John Gilmore, Paul Gonsalves, Charlie Rouse, George Coleman, Booker Ervin, Clifford Jordan... Jazz is made of such giants and Nathan Davis was one of them." — Jean Szlamowicz

Side A :
The Hip Walk (N. Davis) 9’21’’
Yesterdays ( J. Kern) 8’40’’ (Flute Version)

Side B :
A5 (N. Davis) 10’39’’
Nathalie's Bounce (N. Davis) 10’17’’

Side C :
Love Ye The Neighbor (N. Davis) 12’43’’
Mid Evil Dance (N. Davis) 9’53’'

Side D :
The Rules of Freedom (N. Davis) 12’15’’
The Thing (N. Davis) 13’19’’

Side E :
Yesterdays ( J. Kern) 14’05’’ (Sax Version)
Blues For Southeast Asia (N. Davis) 10’15’’

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SAM records tops out in music and quality

posted on 06/24/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mike
Great recording, vibrant and flowingly good! Top quality press, no clicks or pops.

Most amazing sound

posted on 06/03/2020
5 Stars
May be the single best sounding audio I've ever heard.


posted on 05/19/2020
5 Stars
Reviewer: michel lurie
I'd never even heard of Nathan Davis until recently. These lps sound superb....warm but not overdone...natural and balanced...just delightful. The music is like none I've ever listened to before...what a joy this music is!! The packaging is beyond first class!! The best quality cardboard, pristine flat and quiet lps, and of course top quality sleeves as well. This is deserving of a 10 out of 10 !!!!!!! ENJOY. In conclusion, I can not emphasize enough how amazing the sound is...the tones are precious, absolutely precious. One of the best sound experiences of any I own.

5+ Stars, One of the Best

posted on 06/11/2019
5 Stars
This an absolutely astounding product, one of the best LPs I own.

From the tri-gold packing with obi and photos, to the super heavy weight vinyl, to the pressing quality, to the live venue recording, and most of all, the blistering performances, this "lost recording" deserves a place towards the top of the best live jazz albums of all time.

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