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180 Gram Vinyl Record

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180 Gram Vinyl Record
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1990/ Remastered/ Canada Collection

Mastered from the original analog tape by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound

Praise for our 45 RPM version

"...The Analogue Productions sound is visceral and crisp in the best sense, and the quiet pressings ensure that no musical detail is even mildly obscured...with these 45 RPM LPs, if your system is up to the task, you'll hear boundless high-frequency reach and lavish dynamic nuance and harmonic delicacy." - Marc Mickelson, The Audio Beat, December 2010

"...the most detailed, dynamic, and transparent version of this music that I have ever heard. All of the emotion of Davis' horn comes through in ballads, such as the title cut, and details such as the squeak of a chair or the spit on the sax's reed are revealed with an increased clarity." - My Vinyl Review, July 26, 2010

A beautiful addition to the Davis canon. Recorded over the course of three days in April 1961, Someday My Prince Will Come showcases Miles' second great rhythm section, here at the absolute peak of their telepathic interplay. Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb were as tight a unit as any ever formed, grooving so successfully that they went on to leave Miles and form the Wynton Kelly trio. Someday My Prince Will Come also includes some positively blistering solos from guest John Coltrane in his final recording with Miles. And Hank Mobley offers up some beautiful bluesy solos.

This is a beautifully redone album, originally released in 1961.  Mastered by Ryan K. Smith at Sterling Sound, the pressing is on 180-gram vinyl and comes in a heavyweight tip-on jacket from Stoughton Printing. Excellent!

Miles Davis, trumpet
Paul Chambers, bass
Jimmy Cobb, drums
John Coltrane, saxophone (tenor)
Philly Joe Jones, drums
Wynton Kelly, piano
Hank Mobley, saxophone (tenor)



1. Someday My Prince Will Come
2. Old Folks
3. Pfrancing
4. Drad Dog
5. Teo
6. I Thought About You
7. Blues No. 2

Customer Reviews (4.86 Stars) 7 person(s) rated this product.


posted on 12/12/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Vinny
Sound is up there with the very best LPs I have. Jacket is very nice, very high quality. My copy is flat, centered & super quiet.

Great Soundstage, Bass a Tad Weak?

posted on 08/20/2022
4 Stars
Reviewer: BB
Great clarity and soundstage...Miles' trumpet sounds sweet and seductive. I was surprised, however, that the bass is very buried in the mix. Could be the recording (or my system) but I would prefer a bit more oomph in the bass.

Surprised. Underrated!

posted on 02/07/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: ShockTop
How does this fly under the radar? The piano, sax, drums, trumpet, bass... This is one where I felt like I was there. Will be wearing this one out. Love it.

Very well done ??

posted on 02/06/2022
5 Stars
Reviewer: Tim Hensley
AP done it again of course ! First I would like to say it sounds great good details solid bass and Miles sounds so smooth and Coltrane saxs jumps out into the room . The album cover is well made and just beautiful only cons are the vinyl had A huge hand print on it no biggie I wet cleaned it before playing it . Second con was I thought the description was a little miss leading ( maybe I’m wrong) it says : ON THESE 45 RPM RECORDS . And PRAISED FOR OUR 45 RPM RECORDS . If you didn’t know better you could think it’s a 45 rpm .. just my opinion. I give this record a 5 star rating because it deserves it great vinyl great sound great gatefold cover and great shipping /packaging..


posted on 02/02/2022
5 Stars
Record sounds great but please note that this is not pressed at QRP. This is pressed at RTI and comes in bag with the silver RTI sticker. Sleeve has AP on back.

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