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The legend of Bill Evans really begins with this album, his second. The pianist had just spent most of 1958 as part of one of the major units in jazz history: the Miles Davis sextet that also featured John Coltrane and Cannonball Addererley. His fellow musicians already knew his worth (the album title was almost literally accurate, and the four endorsements on the cover, which embarrassed Bill, could easily have been greatly mulitplied); with this record, the jazz public began to follow thier lead. Aided y Sam Jones and Philly JOe Jones. Evans set down some of his most swinging trio sides, but the session would be removable if it had only yielded the remarkable and haunting solo improvisation called "Peace Piece."

1. Minority
2. Young and Foolish
3. Lucky To Be Me
4. Night and Day
5. Epilogue
6. Tenderly
7. Peace peice
8. What Is There To Say?
9. Oleo
10. Epilogue
11. Some Other Time (mono)

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Dig it!

posted on 01/16/2023
4 Stars
Reviewer: Vinyl head
Took a chance on this OJC pressing, purchased at my local record store, as it was the only one I could find, and I am very happy I did. Of course, it’s another lovely Bill Evans disc! Mostly purchased for this particular recording of Peace Piece, from which the first few bars of Flamenco Sketches on Kind of Blue are derived. The pressing is flat, dead quiet & very clean, although there was a slight amount surface noise on first playing

right out of the sleeve. Overall, I am very pleased with

the sound quality; very good dynamic range, the piano

is warm and well recorded, snare & cymbals clean &

crisp, and the bass clear and present. Sounds great on

my system.


posted on 03/23/2021
1 Stars
Reviewer: Peter
I did not purchase this from AS, but I did find one at my LRS, and all I can say is that it's not good. Lots of groove gravel, squeaks and pops galore. Not what I had hoped for. Maybe it's luck of the draw on this version but mine is getting returned.

Great music - just OK vinyl

posted on 01/30/2007
4 Stars
One of the great jazz piano records by Bill Evans, this pressing may suffer from some wow, which detracts from listening pleasure. Probably worth going for the 45rpm version, or for a 180g edition - if there is one.

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