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Debut album featuring "Fought the Blues and Won"

The left hand invented rock 'n' roll. That's the hand that plays the bass lines on piano, the hand used by early keys pounders like Jerry Lee Lewis, Moon Mullican, and Fats Domino to put a little bit of boogie in their blues. That left hand gave "Great Balls of Fire" its lusty pep and "Blueberry Hill" its making-time thrill. So, when the Deslondes open their self-titled debut with a walking piano line played way, way down the left side of the keyboard, they're not just playing a rhythm that sounds distinctive in 2015 but also conveying an entire pop history that spans New Orleans rhythm and blues, early Memphis rock, Louisiana Hayride country, and every pick-up jazz band ever to busk on Royal Street.

Plus, it just sounds damn good. "Fought the Blues and Won" lopes along on that syncopated bass line, which makes the band's hangdog harmonies come off a bit more determined, even if they don't sound quite triumphant. The blues will just show up again tomorrow, and they're bracing for another fight. "It might hit you from all sides, or right between the eyes," sings Sam Doores, one of four singers and five songwriters in the Deslondes. "Keep on going."

Pitchfork, the source of these words of praise for The Deslondes' debut album, gives it a 7.9. You'll become a convert, too, pick up a copy! To read Pitchfork's whole review, click here.

1. Fought The Blues And Won
2. Those Were (Could’ve Been) The Days
3. Heavenly Home
4. Less Honkin’ More Tonkin’
5. Low Down Soul
6. The Real Deal
7. Still Someone
8. Time To Believe In
9. Louise
10. Simple And True
11. Same Blood As Mine
12. Out On The Rise

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