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Gene Clark - No Other Product No: A4AD 7109
Available: PreOrder
Category: Multi-Format Box Sets
Label: 4AD


5 Stars
Posted Friday, September 13, 2019 by Herbert Frei, Zurich 'The Guardian' calls this "one of the greatest rock albums ever". In any case, this is an album of great complexity and beauty, in the beginning greatly underrated, if not ignored, but now considered to be Gene Clark's greatest achievement. So this reissue is to be greatly applauded. You can have the album as single CD or double CD or as an expensive multi-format package. Yet, why not issue the original album also as a single SACD (or, perhaps, as a SHM-SACD)? Why do I have to buy this expensive package just to get the SACD? I'm neither interested in vinyl (sold mine 30 years ago) nor in alternate takes. I hope the producers consider a more consumer-friendly alternative.

Pete Yorn - Nightcrawler Product No: ASHL 06598
Available: PreOrder
Category: Vinyl Record
Label: Shelly Music

Pete Yorn does it again!

4 Stars
Posted Monday, April 27, 2009 by Anonymous Solid songwriting and mesmerizing music. A great follow-up to his last album. Pete continues to impress with intriguing and thoughtful lyrics. Yorn is creative in his approach to the production of his tunes. This is not bubble-gum pop, but well thought-out, critical thinking. I like where Pete has been, and where he is going. If you like Pete, don't miss this release.

Tom Petty - Highway Companion Product No: AAME 44285
Available: PreOrder
Category: 180 Gram Vinyl Record
Label: American Recordings

5 Stars
Posted Friday, February 23, 2007 by Anonymous

Viewing 1 - 3 of 3 Products