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Henry Mancini - The Pink Panther Product No: ALEG 50811
Available: InStock
Category: Vinyl Record
Label: Legacy

A preserved classic!

4 Stars
Posted Thursday, January 8, 2015 by Rudy / Record Collector Guide I grew up with this album in the house, in all its scratched up mono glory, so it was nice to see Sony finally reissue this title properly. All I've had is the late 80s reissue on CD (its first) which is rather bright and lifeless. Cut by Kevin Gray and pressed on pink vinyl, this album comes across well with a full-bodied response, and the typical stereo spread of the mid 60s. On this, I am hearing more detail than I've heard on any digital version thus far. The vinyl surface is relatively free of minor ticks and clicks but, like all colored or clear vinyl I own, there is a higher background noise floor, like a faint constant "swishing" noise. Not distracting though. I am tempted to get a spare copy on black vinyl just to have it. I don't know how the more recent remastering by Analogue Productions might improve on this one; I'll wait to see and do a comparison. On these Dynagroove titles, it boils down to which source tapes are used.

Jimi Hendrix - Rainbow Bridge Product No: ALEG 96421
Available: InStock
Category: 200 Gram Vinyl Record
Label: Legacy

Rainbow Bridge The Finest Hour On LP

5 Stars
Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2014 by Triodeotl This LP has much better bass and more inner detail than the original Reprise. Its like they took a blanket off the recording. Buy it for "PolyGap" if you want to hear the future of Hendrix songwriting. Definitely get it for possibly the finest live version of “Hear my Train a Com’in”.

Get it while you can I got my LP today 7 days before release. It was delayed initially but it is here now. Noise floor is way off the map compared to the original Reprise pressing. Even if you have that you got to have this. Numbered copies will sell out. Get an early pressing while you still can. I recommend this highly ++++

Viewing 1 - 2 of 2 Products

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