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Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Jessi Colter, and Tompall Glaser - Wanted! The Outlaws Product No: ARCA 58971
Available: BackOrdered
Category: Vinyl Record
Label: RCA Records Label Nashville

Well done re-issue!

5 Stars
Posted Friday, December 3, 2021 by Joey1127 I had a re-press on the Black Victor Label from the early, early 1980's that sounded OK. Was a bit hot, but alright. That copy was defective from purchase so when I saw this re-issue, figured, "Why not?"

Let me say this is an EXCELLENT re-issue. It's not as hot as the older pressings and is dead silent, too. Very, very well done! If you had it in the past, or if you just want another clean copy, this re-issue is pretty dang close to perfect...I LOVE it!

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products