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Johnny Cash - At San Quentin Product No: ACOL 9827
Available: InStock
Category: 180 Gram Vinyl Record
Label: Speakers Corner (Columbia)

Epic, authentic sound!

5 Stars
Posted Monday, March 12, 2012 by Steven McCornack This one was a double-whammy for me. First Johnny Cash LP, first Speakers Corner pressing. Read great things about SC over the years, and was NOT disappointed. Clean and flat vinyl (no annoying warpage), nicely packaged in anti-stat sleeve. Dropping my Grado Statement stylus onto the leadin groove, WOW! HUGE, spacious, open sound. Voice clear, clean, and rich (and WHAT a voice....). Not my fave genre of music (bought it on a lark), but GREAT songs. So immediate and gripping, you feel like you are right there. I originally was going to just listen to a couple of tracks, but ended up spinning both sides without interruption. Just couldn't stop! Speakers Corner really hit it out of the park with this pressing - quiet, rich, warm, natural tone - all of the elements that we vinyl fanatics love. And the guitars - Yeah!!! Worth every penny. Equipment: Well-Tempered Amadeus GT, Grado Statement, GNSC-modded ARC SP-14, VAC PHI200, Aerial 7bs, Silversmith cabling.

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products