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Peter, Paul & Mary - Album 1700 Product No: CAPF 1700 SA
Available: LimitedStock
Category: Hybrid Stereo SACD
Label: Analogue Productions

The Best Version of A Classic, Favorite Album

5 Stars
Posted Thursday, March 10, 2016 by Jeffrey Fritz "Album 1700" is, by far, my favorite Peter, Paul & Mary album. I own the original LP and the Warner Brothers CD.

So how does the SACD sound? In a word "fantastic!" The vocals are clean and clear. Dick Kniss' upright acoustic bass is amazing on "Weep for Jamie" and "Whatshername." Clear, clean, strong and powerful-- much more so than on either the LP or CD. You can hear every string on the bass as it's played. The rest of the instruments come through sounding natural and real.

Kevin Gray has somehow figured out how to tame Mary Travers vocals. Mary had a powerful voice that could overload just about any microphone used to record her. How Kevin Gray overcame that is a mystery--but I'm glad that he did.

Tape hiss is audible during the quiet passages. I think that's a good thing because it may mean that processing was kept to a minimum in the remaster.

Kevin Gray's remaster lets me hear what happened in the recording studio back in 1967--and that

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products