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Styx - The Mission Product No: XUNI537345F88
Available: InStock
Category: FLAC 88kHz/24bit Download
Label: Alpha Dog 2T/Ume

Based on the music alone (CD copy)...

4 Stars
Posted Friday, June 23, 2017 by BarneyRubble This is definitely worth a listen! I used to refer to Spock's Beard as "the prog band that sounds like Styx". Now, I'm tempted to refer to Styx as "the band that sounds like Spock's Beard", as they're getting a little proggier themselves. At times ("Gone, Gone, Gone", "Radio Silence" at times referred to by fans as "Man in the Wilderness II", and my personal favorite "The Greater Good") it even approaches radio-friendly levels... well, radio-friendly back when radio was a bit more open than just the three common formats nowadays ("hits", "country" and "preteen daydreams"). Sound references appear from Night Ranger-era 1980's to (surprise!) Styx' pre-Tommy Shaw years. Treat yourself! CAVEAT: I have only listened to the CD version, so I remain somewhat iffy on the promised "analog" sound of the vinyl and digital download. I am somewhat concerned about an "analog" recording being limited at 88-kHz... blame that on my micro-precise timing preferences gleaned from my SACD habit.

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products