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Gun - Gun Product No: ARGM 832
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Category: Vinyl Record
Label: Real Gone Music

British power trio rock with a decidedly creative bent

5 Stars
Posted Monday, February 25, 2019 by Gary When this came out in 68' it was (and remains still) one of the most intriguing, powerful and engaging recordings of that era of rock. This was not in the mainstream, and very few knew of it, fewer yet, do now. The Curtis brothers (Adrian and Paul) together along with Louie Farrel comprised the band in the spring of 68' and signed on with CBS records.Their first hit was "Race with The Devil" with it's biting guitar licks that even had Hendrix's attention, so much so that he quoted the songs riff at the Isle or Wright Festival during his performance in 1970. A few of my favorites are "The Saga of the Boy and the Bee", "Yellow Cab Man" and "It Won't Be Long". The original pressing was of a calibur that you would expect from CBS- thick, inflexible, clean and clear. Subsequent pressings on Epic were decidedly not, and were flimsy and muddled. As the years went on many people were happy to buy anything they could find because the runs of all versions were low in number.

Viewing 1 - 1 of 1 Products