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Led Zeppelin - Mothership

 ((The Very Best Of Led Zeppelin))





Product No.:
AATL 344700
UPC: 081227995133

Vinyl Box Sets

No. of Discs: 4
Note: 180 Gram


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Half-Speed Mastered by Stan Ricker and pressed on 180-gram virgin vinyl at RTI.

The legendary group's new comprehensive four-LP collection features 24 songs chosen, sequenced and remastered under the band's direct supervision. The release is part of a global Led Zeppelin event that coincides with their performance at a benefit tribute concert for the late Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun. This four-LP, 180-gram set includes key Zeppelin tracks like "Good Times Bad Times," "Communication Breakdown," "Dazed and Confused," "Whole Lotta Love," "Heartbreaker," "Immigrant Song," "Rock And Roll," "Black Dog," "Stairway To Heaven," "D'Yer Maker," "Kashmir" and "All My Love." Spanning their epic career, the unprecedented collection pulls immortal songs from all eight of the band's classic studio albums, one of the 20th century's most enduring bodies of musical work. Arguably the most influential and innovative rock band ever, Led Zeppelin has sold over 200 million records worldwide. Liner notes are by David Fricke and the cover is designed by noted Los Angeles artist Shepard Fairey.

Side one
Good Times Bad Times
Communication Breakdown
Dazed And Confused
Babe I’m Gonna Leave You

Side two
Whole Lotta Love
Ramble On
Immigrant Song

Side three
Since I’ve Been Loving You
Rock And Roll
Black Dog

Side four
When The Levee Breaks
Stairway To Heaven
The Song Remains The Same

Side five
Over The Hills And Far Away
D’Yer Maker
No Quarter

Side Six
Trampled Under Foot
Houses Of The Holy

Side seven
Nobody’s Fault But Mine
Achilles Last Stand

Side eight
In The Evening
All My Love

Customer Reviews (3.79 Stars) 19 person(s) rated this product.

Awful Awful Awful

posted on 07/19/2014
1 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff O
This vinyl lights up like the worst CD ever. There is no bass, no texture and flat sound thru-out. Some are wondering if it's my sytem - Ya, Right! My system is a Goldmund Reference table with a VDH Colibri cartridge Fed through to a Levinson Pre and a Boulder Amp to my YG speakers. Anyway, if you actually want to save your ears then don't buy this record. It must have been taken from digital masters and not the analog masters. I just heard the 45 reissue of this and it is stupendous.

Don't buy this

posted on 07/31/2013
1 Stars
The sound is awful. A true Rhino product. I can't believe forgot about how bad their stuff can be.

Very Good Edition

posted on 12/19/2012
5 Stars
Reviewer: WALTER
At first I was distrust, the discs and the quality of the recording, I thought I would be disappointed, great was my surprise when I received the box set, a binding very careful, very good sound quality, it seemed that the musicians were in my room, thank you very much to Acoustic Sounds

Too bright, no grunt - not crankable

posted on 08/02/2012
1 Stars
Reviewer: Jeff C - Australia
If you have any CDs with these tracks you should not waste your money on this box set. It does not sound any better than the CDs. I have original and other remasters to compare to. In fact I compared it to a beat up old vinyl copy of LZ II and I preferred the old version with all the crackles.

The thing with this box set is that it has been remastered to sound sparkly on small/cheap systems. Bass has been sucked out of it and the mid to highs are ear bleedingly loud. Sure you can hear more detail in the mids & highs, but when you try cranking it up your ears bleed due to the over brightness and the grunt is just not there.

My old beat up LZ II vinyl is totally crank-able and you want to turn it up and then some more because it hits you with that old rock n roll feel.

I'll be flogging this box set on eBay.


posted on 05/09/2012
5 Stars
Realmente feliz con la excelente calidad del sonido y la acertada selección de temas de Led Zeppelin. Una joya para cualquier coleccionista.

Good option compared to hunting down originals

posted on 12/24/2011
3 Stars
First off, as others have stated it is a "digital remaster". Take that as you like.

The point many seem to miss is, finding the "original" or "early" pressings is time consuming, and very expensive. What people will pay for "vintage" is mind blowing today.

If you are looking to add a Zeppelin set to your collection but don't want to overpay out the nose, this is a solid option. But be warned, sound quality is acceptable, not top notch.

I don't regret my purchase. I have Physical Graffiti, I, and Presence on original pressing. A greatest hits of acceptable quality was the best bet for the rest.

Great graphics and packaging gets a

posted on 11/25/2011
2 Stars
Reviewer: Nick
Sadly constipated, reprocessed sound; though great selection and packaging. Typical of digital editing: the bass is well defined, the guitar clearly etched, cymbals and drum sound like white noise and the vocals have that wonderful, cat scratching on a blackboard quality that we all have grown so fond of over the years since analog walked the earth.

Why did he separate "You Shook Me" and "Dazed and Confused", one of the all time great LP segways? There has to be a reason that I am unaware of. Also why emphasize print through in some places and eliminate it in others? Very strange.

Find the early Atlantic pressings instead - or wish you had. Just like the Stones mono, accept no substitute.


posted on 09/22/2011
3 Stars
Reviewer: Antonio Montana
I A/B'ed some songs of this release with Classic Records Lp's and CLASSIC are way better. Not a bad deal for a compilation though.


posted on 09/10/2010
5 Stars
Reviewer: Jean Marc
Dont hesitate, the sound is great, no problem, much much better that any cd's. hours of pleasure.

Forget the Classic Record Pressings !!!

posted on 06/12/2009
5 Stars
Reviewer: Yakamozan
I have all the Classic Records, which are btw mostly recommended by acoustic sounds. I then bought this box and every single song sounds without a doubt much better then the Classic Record pressing. Don´t make the same misstake i did and spend way to much for the 200g pressing just because some guys say so, this box is really great !!! I have no pops at all on mine.


posted on 12/06/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Culpeper
Outstanding pressing!

Great album but missing one great song

posted on 11/21/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Marion Kiker
I have enjoyed the Mothership album but am disappointed at the omission of Living Loving Maid from Led Zeppelin II. To me that track along with Whole Lotta Love are the two best on that great great album. Note: Mothership was less expensive so I opted for it.

Very Nice!

posted on 10/03/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: namotuman
wow....there are some pretty scathing reviews of this vinyl and i wonder what their respective signals are going thru. the soundstage on almost all the tracks is very surprising and really evident. i have a new found respect for the engineering of these tracks and am now LISTENING to the music vs just rockin' out. the pressings are good quality and i'm very happy with the investment. btw, my signal is picked up via pro-ject/sumiko and coming out of vandersteen........analog bliss!

What can I say?

posted on 09/12/2008
3 Stars
Reviewer: Michael S. Dougherty
It took roughly 3 seconds to pop the "expectation" bubble about the resurgent vinyl experience. 180 gram vinyl, pristine manufacturing, and "Whole Lotta Love" goes ba-da-ba-da POP! Let's get this straight guys, vinyl records are a flawed medium - always have been and always will be. I have been entering my 600+ LP's into a database ( and listening to selected records as I progressed. It brought back all of the attendant things about vinyl: no amount of diskwashers, static guns, anti-static mats, $40,000 turntables or $10,000 cartridges will make a vinyl record "silent" between songs or remove the tics and pops that occur at the most aggravating moments. If this is the way that the artists intended you to hear it, then the artists were - I can't think of a proper word meaning "stupid" and "deranged". Anyway, this box set is supurb - FOR A VINYL RELEASE - but give me an SACD or DVD-Audio of the same thing anyday. As an aside: I had not purchased vinyl since 1984.

Not as good as the classic records releases

posted on 09/09/2008
3 Stars
Reviewer: Justin Javan
I was sorely disappointed with this album. Sure Jimmy Page removed all of the tape hiss and smoothed the sound out but by doing so he also put out a dull boring album.

Oddly enough he did a great job with the Song Remains the Same. Buy that one instead and try to get a hold of the Classic Records releases.

Worth the wait

posted on 08/28/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Harald Freudendahl @ Freudendahl@us
Waiting since Spring 2008 for the arrival of this treasure. Worth the wait. Superb sound without "overdoing" the remastering. My Mothership arrived today and I've been listening to all 8 sides. ALso a smart move to put the vinyl records into extra sleeves and not the cardboard image prints of the band-members. - If you already have the origianl Led Zeppelin records this is a great addition superbly mastered to your collection. If not get the originals 1st. This is a s e l e c t i o n of well known Led Zeppelin songs. Great addition, but no substitute!


posted on 05/15/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Mark DeVries
Can't wait to get my mitts on this preorder. It sould sound sweet!

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