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Salvatore Accardo - Piazzolla: Adios Nonino

 (200 gram)





Product No.:
AFON 013
UPC: 801287100131
EAN: 8012871001316

45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2

45 RPM

Also available on:
Hybrid Multichannel SACD

"…this lush, extraordinarily moving tribute to the great tango composer's father, whose middle name was 'Nonino.'…You can't listen to this and not be deeply affected, but in a good, never morbid or melodramatic way…The key to getting this to sound right is to not play it too loud, thus producing the appropriate mid-hall balance. Played back that way, the recording, with the exception of the occasional wandering solo image, achieves greatness…So this is a purist recording, a purist lacquer cut, a purist plating and a purist 200g Japanese pressing…It will move you every play." Music = 10/11; Sound = 10/11 – Michael Fremer, Music Angle,

Pressed in Japan on virgin 200-gram vinyl from a lacquer cut from the original analog master tapes.

Giulio Cesare Ricci, proprietor of Fone, is a man of uncompromising standards. The requirements of a Japanese pressing plant that he send a copy of the analog master tapes rather than the original tapes themselves were unacceptable to him. Therefore, he used a cutting lathe, connected to an Ampex machine, to create the master lacquers from which the stamper for this pressing was made.

This extra effort further emphasizes Fone's commitment to the absolute finest-quality audiophile recordings and productions.

1. Adios Nonino
2. Vardarito
3. Jeanne Y Paul
4. Milonga Del Angel
5. Tanti Anni Prima
6. Verano Porteno
7. Fuga