Sumiko - HS-12 Universal Headshell




Product No.:
W HS-12

Turntable Accessories

Sorry, this Product is no longer available.

Azimuth adjustable

12.8 grams with finger lift (excluding mounting hardware)

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An Excellant OEM headshell

posted on 12/09/2008
5 Stars
Reviewer: Charles Port
A rigid magnesium head-shell that has the distinct advantage of allowing one to increase the effective tonearm length (via the long screw slots), allowing one to correct "bad geometry." Also allows the adjusting of Azimuth via a locking collar.

The HS-12 is made of magnesium. Magnesium is paramagnetic - it is not a ferrous material. It is the same material that SME uses for their head-shell and tonearms.

Recommended to me by Wally of Wally tools.

Excellent build quality

posted on 07/17/2008
4 Stars
Very nice build quality /w litz leads. One fault is that the hardware is ferrous which is a nono for moving coil cartridges.

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