Sennheiser, Musical Fidelity, Audioquest - HD 600 Headphone Package

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Sennheiser - Sennheiser HD600 Reference Headphones
The HD600 is an audiophile-quality, open dynamic hi-fi/professional headphone. The advanced-diaphragm material eliminates standing waves for the ultimate in bass resolution and detail retrieval. The ergonomic design makes the HD600s comfortable to wear for long listening sessions. Wes Philips of Stereophile had this to say: "I'm stunned by their low noise floor, impressive gains in perceived bass response and sense of air and sparkle. The Sennheiser HD600s are a must audition product, even, dare I suggest a must own." Combine these with the Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 and a set of Audioquest interconnects for true, state-of-the-art headphone performance.

Musical Fidelity - MFXCAN v8

AudioQuest - Diamondback Interconnect
The use of sophisticated design techniques, superior materials and an exceptional termination system combine to make Diamondback interconnects possible. Proprietary metal-processing technology protects the wire's surface at every stage of drawing and fabrication. The Diamondback's plugs are resistance welded to the cable creating a single material alloy where the two meet. The gold-plated RCA plugs use a patented design that eliminates distortion caused by the extra contact inside most plugs. The Diamondback's sound is clean, clear and dynamic.

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