Terri Garrison - Only Love

Terri Garrison - Only Love





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Vinyl Record

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"When Richard Vandersteen came to me with the idea of approaching my songs from an audiophile, acoustic point of view, stripped of anything other than raw simplicity, I immediately liked the idea. I sought out David Lindley as the ideal partner in this endeavor and not only was he receptive, but he worked with me for hours on end, giving my songs a tonality that, for me, was a dream come true. I will forever be grateful for the experience recording this album has given me and for the chance to play with musicians as talented as David, Rock, Mickey, Don and Lenny. We recorded this album over four nights in Santa Barbara church. Each song was recorded totally live. They are flaws, but then, I also see them everyday in the mirror. Something this live, this raw, teaches a kind of acceptance. No magic knobs or super effects to make everything perfect, only love and a lot of fun." - Terry Garrison. Recorded by Kavichandran Alexander

1. Absolute Truth
2. This is Love
3. Working For Your Love
4. I'll Remember You
5. Priceless Family Jewels
6. From A Distance
7. The Misery
8. No Name Blues
9. Tears of All The Angles
10. Only Love
11. I Am Always With You
12. Amazing Grace

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