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FLAC 88kHz/24bit Download

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2014 Grammy Awards:

Album Of The Year
Record Of The Year
Best Pop Duo/Group Performance
Best Dance/Electronica Album
Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical

Featuring "Get Lucky" and "Lose Yourself To Dance"

Everybody wants to dance with the men in the masks, advises GulfTimes.com We know that Thomas Bengalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo are two Parisians just shy of 40, but the founders of French house duo Daft Punk have hidden their faces for years, sporting helmets and gloves that make them look like bespoke androids.

Over time, pseudonymity has transformed the duo into an entity without genre, race, age or nationality, allowing them to produce pop music in the purest sense. And with the release of Random Access Memories they seem more than popular. They're immortal man-machines sent from the future to teach our planet how to relive its maligned disco yesteryears.

One of the most anticipated albums of 2013, Random Access Memories (Columbia Records) is the fourth full-length from Daft Punk and their first studio effort in eight years following 2005's Human After All. Daft Punk released their critically acclaimed debut Homework in 1997 and sophomore set Discovery to even further fanfare in 2001. Their awareness reached critical mass when they performed their hit "Stronger" on the Grammy Awards with Kanye West in 2008. They also appeared in and scored Disney's "Tron: Legacy" (2010) which sold 700,000 copies and catapulted them to even greater heights

Random Access Memories is their most ambitious and epic release to date comprising 13 tracks which clock in at over 75 minutes long. Metacritic scores the album 87 out of 100, based on reviews by 37 critics. "By assembling a cast of their favourite musicians and delving into their adolescent memories, Daft Punk have created something as emotionally honest as any singer-songwriter confessional — and a lot more fun to dance to." — NME



1. Give Life Back to Music
2. The Game of Love
3. Giorgio by Moroder
4. Within
5. Instant Crush
6. Lose Yourself to Dance
7. Touch
8. Get Lucky
9. Beyond
10. Motherboard
11. Fragments of Time
12. Doin' It Right
13. Contact

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Didn't expect to be so entertained

posted on 10/27/2017
5 Stars
Before this album I thought Daft Punk was just a step or two above "OK" but this album is so d*m entertaining. Even though it is only 88khz it sounds like it is higher. They did a fantastic job with this recording. You won't regret buying this.

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