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DSD (Single Rate) 2.8MHz/64fs Download

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"Lieberman possesses one of the most attractive and unusual voices in music"— The New York Times

"That this was mastered using PMC monitors, with an audiophile at the helm, will not surprise those who know Lori Leiberman as a hi-fi fave. Of greater relevance is content even more personal and intimate than the sparkling arrangements might suggest. The title track, which wouldn't have seemed out of place on an early Eagles LP, promises a West Coast sonic experience but quickly moves into a circa-1968 Cambridge (Massachusetts) coffee shop confessional. ... All are unmistakably Lieberman, delivered in that breathy voice that lulls you into thinking she's singing only for you." — Sound Quality: 90%, Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News

Of greater relevance is content even more personal and intimate than the sparkling arrangements might suggest, writes reviewer Ken Kessler in Hi-fi News. Bricks Against The Glass is Lieberman's finest work to date and answers skeptics who would have scarcely thought that the artist, best known for "Killing Me Softly" all those years ago, would tap into a whole new level of inspiration with this album.

Each song, finely honed and more poignant than the next, reflects the songwriter who has seen it all but continues to learn, grow and change. That stellar voice still exists, but the variety, breadth and range of each song reminds one of a classic masterpiece — how long has it been since there was a collection of songs that beckoned us to sit and listen from start to finish and follow along with this magnificent journey?" Musicians adding their talents on the record include Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting), Jason Orne (Alanis Morrisette), Ryan MacMillan (Matchbox 20), and Timothy Drury (The Eagles).

1. Ticket To Leave
2. Truly
3. Lottery
4. Bricks Against The Glass
5. On These Streets/San Fransisco
6. Rise
7. The End Of Our Story
8. It's Another New Day
9. Elephants
10. The Rest Will Follow
11. Bricks Against The Glass (Unplugged)
12. Killing Me Softly (Bonus Track)
13. Water (Bonus Track)

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