V.S.O.P. the Quintet - Live Under the Sky





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"What becomes most apparent when listening to these two sets, recorded on two consecutive nights in July '79 for a Japanese audience, is how, in the all-too-often cookie-cutter approach that passes for jazz these days, the players need to know not only where they are starting and where they are ending up, but how they will get there as well. Clearly, for Hancock and the V.S.O.P. Quintet, the trip itself is the exciting part, the unpredictable aspect that makes music worth making, and life worth living. Live Under the Sky represents jazz at its finest: five players who are so in each others' pockets that they can take the same trip night after night, yet find a completely different route each and every time." — All About Jazz.com

1. Opening
2. Eye Of The Hurricane
3. Tear Drop
4. Domo
5. Para Oreinte
6. Pee Wee
7. One Of Another Kind
8. Fragile
9. Opening
10. Eye Of The Hurricane
11. Tear Drop
12. Domo
13. Para Oriente
14. Pee Wee
15. One Of Another Kind
16. Fragile
17. Stella By Starlight
18. On Green Dolphin Street