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Ultra HD 32-bit Mastering CD has the same great sound quality as Jazz At The Pawnshop, the same two soloists Arne Domnerus and Lars Erstrand, same engineer, same mikes

Limited Run of Only 2,000 first edition pressings available for optimal sound quality!

Ultra High Definition 32-Bit Mastering!
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Arne Domnerus is joined by fellow musicians Lars Erstrand, Jan Lundgren, Hans Backenroth, and Rasmus Kihlberg. This music was recorded live in 1995 at the Club Doppingen in Uppsala, a city 43 miles north of Stockholm (where Jazz At the Pawnshop was performed and recorded). Live Is Life was recorded by Gert Palmcrantz (who also recorded Jazz At the Pawnshop) with the famous Didrik De Geer Microphones.

Historic Session 1976:

During two dark evenings in December 1976 Gert Palmcrantz rigged his few, but well-placed, microphones in the legendary Pawnshop jazz club in Stockholm. On stage were the two master musicians Arne Domnerus and Lars Erstrand, backed by a renowned and exceptionally swinging trio: Bengt Hallberg, Georg Riedel and Egil Johansen. The result of these winter nights soon resounded the world over. The live recording Jazz at the Pawnshop sold nearly 200,000 records! Even in the far distant East Asia this superb live recording has found a vast audience. In essence, the producer Jacob Boethius, of the quality-minded little record company Proprius, has been able to chalk up a genuine best-seller of Swedish jazz.

Here we go again in 1995:

After almost two decades it's time again. One evening, in April 1995, sound maestro Gert Palmcrantz sets up his hi-dynamic Didrik de Geer-microphones at the Club Doppingen in Uppsala. Proprius' Jacob Boethius has once more given the go ahead to a live recording of some of his most favorite musicians. Featured soloists are the same as last time, in other words: Arne Domnerus and Lars Erstrand. The back-up trio on the other hand is new and consists of three very talented young musicians: Jan Lundgren, Hans Backenroth and Rasmus Kihlberg. Just as twenty years earlier, the live audience found that good music is always characterized by one special thing: it is personal, genuine and uncompromising. It's refreshingly satisfying to the listener. It gives your spirit a boost. Live is life is a CD that, like its predecessors Jazz at the Pawnshop 1-3, brings the listener true joy and an enhanced zest for life. It's remarkable how good music possesses such potent power.

Live Is Life
Far too seldom is music recorded when it's performed at its most spontaneous, i.e. during a concert. Strangely enough even jazz — in spite of this form of music being by its very improvising nature so markedly inspired by the moment. Live is life offers us as listeners generous opportunity to enjoy the music directly and close-up, without retakes and post-editing. Moreover, at a live recording that audience contributes its immediate response. How telling an applause can be! A cool and polite reception or a warm and enthusiastic ovation? Applause is revealing. On Live is Life there's no question about the audience's feelings. Which naturally makes the musicians give their utmost. The give and take in a live recording situation truly mirrors the interaction of life.


1. Flying Home
2. Billy Boy
3. Take The A Train
4. Lush Life
5. Prelude To A Kiss
6. Things Ain't What They Used To Be
7. Dream Dancing
8. The Midnight Sun Will Never Set
9. Harry Who?
10. Lotus Blossom
11. Drum Boogie
12. Poor Butterfly
13. Memories Of You
14. Secret Love

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