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The creative masterwork in its original gatefold cover, presented by Friday Music!

Featuring the hits "American Woman," "No Sugar Tonight" and "No Time"

The Guess Who are one of the few legendary classic rock bands that have stood the test of time for many decades. Their music penned mostly by founders Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings are compositions that are played all over, every hour, every day, thanks to the undying love and support of their fans worldwide.

After a string of non-stop hit singles and chart albums, The Guess Who finally achieved their biggest album yet with the mega classic American Woman. This amazing album captured the music industry by storm and featured several smash No. 1 singles and solid album tracks, keeping this album in the top of the album charts for more than a year.

Side one features the classic title No. 1 rocker "American Woman." For a song originally intended as a jam in the studio, the quartet of Randy Bachman, Burton Cummings, Jim Kale and Gary Peterson soon put the world on its ear with this brash and bold commentary. Quickly rising to the top of the music charts, this tune would set the album up for its success which would go on now for more than 40 years.

Their next super smash "No Time" would again make the band more music history as it landed in the Top Ten and showed the guitar technique of Randy Bachman which would serve as a precursor to the heavy metal sound he would later achieve with Bachman Turner Overdrive. The brilliant vocals of Burton Cummings and the three part harmony from the rest of the band made this musical manna in the summer of 1969.

Radio would serve them another No. 1 as programmers soon found the B-Side of the American Woman 45 equally appealing as "No Sugar Tonight" would become another significant chapter in this Canadian supergroup's history.

Friday Music is no stranger to The Guess Who and Randy Bachman catalogs of fine music, so it is with great honor to continue the Guess Who 180-gram audiophile vinyl series with the release of the mega platinum American Woman. Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and at RTI with Kevin Gray from the original 1970 RCA Records tapes, this monumental masterpiece truly resonates the true rock and soulful performances of The Guess Who at their creative peak.

As a special limited edition release, Friday Music is pleased to present this creative masterwork in its original gatefold cover, as well as enclosing a poly bag to protect the album cover and poly lined inner sleeve to help keep your vinyl in mint shape.

The Guess Who... American Woman... A classic rock treasure trove of smash hits from Canada's finest is now audiophile vinyl reality... From your friends at Friday Music... How cool is this?!


1. American Woman
2. No Time
3. Talisman
4. No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature
5. 969 (The Oldest Man)
6. When Friends Fall Out
7. 8:15
8. Proper Stranger
9. Humpty’s Blues/American Woman (Epilogue)

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