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The long-popular and unbelievably effective Get Better Sound now available as a DVD.

Jim Smith's Get Better Sound book has been the gospel of achieving the best playback your system can produce. But Smith finally realized that actually SEEING and having the steps from his book explained was far more powerful and more effective for some people than only reading about them. And so, the Get Better Sound DVD series was born.

In addition to some all-new topics, Smith has chosen the most relevant tips from the Get Better Sound set-up manual. They are things that you will want to do. He discusses them in an easy-to-understand style. But he pulls no punches to be sure you have the information that will make a REAL difference.

And when you realize it's three DVDs, for the price, it's a steal.

Did you know that, no matter how great your home audio components are, you may not be getting more than half of their full potential from your system? Get Better Sound shows you how to get the crucial other half of your sound, and how to get it without spending a fortune.

These insights came from installing and voicing all kinds of sound systems – for audiophile music lovers, for audio shops and at the largest audio shows – over 10,000 hours of invaluable experience gained by Jim Smith.

Now you can use the same techniques that Smith used to win those "Best Sound of Show" press comments and to receive consistent acclaim from his personal clients for more than 35 years.

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