Peter Bjorn & John - Seaside Rock

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Peter doesn't like to sign breasts, Bjorn bought his first leather jacket at the age of 27 and John can neither spit cool nor spin his drumsticks. Still, they recently found themselves touring the world, playing in front of real rock audiences that just kept getting bigger. Is that really possible to pull off without a proper "rock band history"? Where did the Peter Bjorn and John rock music come from? During a flight home from London something else came up. The band started to remember their years in elementary school and among the subjects was the frustration of listening to and sometimes having to play in school orchestra. But as grownups, the memory of the sound of the Swedish music school orchestra from hell wasn't really that bad. When Peter Bjorn and John thought about it, they realized it was kind of fantastic. The timbre of a bunch of youngsters trying to play saxophone and failing is a good sound. The sound of a violin being played by a beginner who hates it is superb. Soon the idea of making an instrumental album with these types of sounds seemed like a great idea. And since the childhood of each of the three members was quite similar (growing up bored in small villages located near the water in the north of Sweden) Peter Bjorn and John decided to have the themes of water and boredom as inspiration for the record. The title of the album, Seaside Rock, came naturally.


1. Inland Empire
2. Say Something (Mukiya)
3. Favour of the Season
4. Next Stop Bjursele
5. School of Kraut
6. Erik's Fishing Trip
7. Needles and Pills
8. Norrlands Riviera
9. Barcelona
10. At the Seaside

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