John Coltrane - A Love Supreme


Analogue Productions (Impulse)



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UPC: 753088007774

45 RPM Vinyl Record

No. of Discs: 2
Note: 200 Gram

45 RPM    

"...As good as the original Impulse pressing sounds, Analogue Productions' release will leave lovers of this record pinned to their seats. The music is simply and stunningly 'there.'" - Wayne Garcia, The Absolute Sound, September 2010

"Kevin Gray's new 45RPM mastering of John Coltrane's masterpiece A Love Supreme is an absolute 'must-buy'! I know what many are thinking...hey, I have the one Kevin did for Speakers Corner a few years ago, or if they're very, very lucky they might have an original orange label pressing on Impulse. Hopeless collector that I am, I have both. Folks, I'm here to tell you that Kevin's 45RPM remaster of this wondrous Coltrane session is the deepest, clearest view into the session that took place December 9th, 1964 at Rudy Van Gelder's Englewood Cliff's studio that ever existed. Sure, there are other ways to hear the music recorded that day, but none will literally transport you back in time to witness the living, breathing essence of the music this quartet recorded that day quite like these two 45RPM records. If you love this music like I do, you absolutely OWE it to yourself to buy this album." - Joe Harley, VP AudioQuest,

"...As with the first six titles in this series, Analogue Productions went out of its way to make sure they reproduced the cover correctly. The beautifully laminated gatefold is made of heavy cardstock...For those who have listened to this record a lot over the years, this 45 RPM mastering is going to hit you over the head - and hard. From Elvin Jones' opening gong, to the final crescendo of Psalm, this 45 RPM pressing of A Love Supreme, is delivered with a degree of detail, and most of all dynamic range, that I haven't heard on any other version - vinyl or CD, of this album." 45 RPM Reissue of the Year - My Vinyl Review, November 2010

Right from the very first hearing, absolutely every single jazz critic shared the same opinion - whether trained musicians or not, true or would-be jazz expert: A Love Supreme is John Coltrane's most important recording. And the rave reviews which appeared in the magazines Downbeat, Jazz Hot, Jazz Podium and Swingjournal reflected this: critics all over the world, in America, Europe and Japan recognized that Coltrane's deep religious belief had influenced both his approach to life and his music-making. It not only enabled him to express himself with great intensity but also lent him the necessary inner peace to conceive a work of almost 40 minutes in length and to lead his quartet along the same path as himself.

Recorded in 1964.




John Coltrane, tenor saxophone
Jimmy Garrison, bass
Elvin Jones, drums
McCoy Tyner, piano


1. A Love Supreme, Pt. 1
2. A Love Supreme, Pt. 2
3. A Love Supreme, Pt. 3