Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and The Sinner Lady


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In January of 1963, bassist and composer Charles Mingus recorded a very personal and socially conscious work he titled The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady. Each composition, from the opening "Solo Dancer" to the closing "Group and Solo Dance" was a musical expression of Mingus' philosophy of life, love and the world around him. To the legendary bassist, this recording was so personal that he asked his friend, clinical psychologist Dr. Pollack, to review the music. As Dr. Pollack stated in the original liner notes: "Psychologists interpret behavior... why not apply this skill to music." Dr. Pollack did just that, interpreting the Mingus message inherent in his music - music that speaks of the artists' yearning for love, peace and freedom. For Charlie Mingus and the musicians that joined him - Charlie Mariano, alto saxophone; Jake Byard, piano; Jay Berliner, guitar; Don Butterfield, tuba; Dick Hafer, tenor saxophone and flute; Quentin Jackson, trombone - The Black Saint & The Sinner Lady was much more than just another album, it was a jazz ballet performed by a small ensemble. It has become a landmark event.

Originally released in 1963.

Charles Mingus, bass, piano
Jay Berliner, guitar
Don Butterfield, tuba
Jaki Byard, piano
Rolf Ericson, trumpet
Dick Hafer, flute, tenor saxophone
Quentin Jackson, trombone
Charlie Manano, alto saxophone
Jerome Richardson, flute, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone
Dannie Richmond, drums
Richard Gene Williams, trumpet


1. Solo Dancer
2. Duet Solo Dancers
3. Group Dancers
4. Trio and Group Dancers/Single Solos and...

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