Wilhelm Furtwangler - Beethoven: The Radio Recordings/ Berliner Philharmoniker

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Wilhelm Furtwängler — Beethoven: The Radio Recordings/ Berliner Philharmoniker

The radio recordings between 1939 and 1945 with the Berliner Philharmoniker and Wilhelm Furtwängler are among classical music's most compelling sound documents. Created at the peak of the collaboration between orchestra and conductor, Furtwängler's artist personality is conveyed more vividly than anywhere else. What can be heard is music in which inspiration and the expressive will know no bounds and in which, not least, the existential experience of the Second World War reverberates.

Wilhelm Furtwängler is accorded almost mythical status to this day. Biographically and artistically rooted in the 19th century, he embodies a bridge to the late Romantic period and the founding years of the Berliner Philharmoniker, whose chief conductor he was from 1922.

Furtwängler's recordings bear witness to an artist capable of revealing fresh insights into even the best-known compositions. Between 1939 and 1945, numerous concerts given by Furtwängler and the Berliner Philharmoniker were broadcast on radio and recorded. The edition The Radio Recordings 1939-1945 brings together for the first time all the surviving radio recordings from this period using the best available sources.

This vinyl box set presents a selection of outstanding concert documents from the collection on eight LPs. The set also includes studio quality downloads of all the recordings.

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