The Posies - Frosting On The Beater

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Third studio album featuring "Solar Sisters," "Dream All Day" and "Flavor Of The Month"The Posies released their third studio album Frosting On The Beater back in 1993. It featured a darker sound than their prior work, partly due to the production style of Don Fleming, who previously worked with Sonic Youth and Screaming Trees amongst others. The album spawned three singles, "Dream All Day," "Solar Sister" and "Definite Door."

Frosting On The Beater is available as a 2LP and includes an insert.


Side A
1. Dream All Day
2. Solar Sister
3. Flavor Of The Month

Side B
1. Love Letter Boxes
2. Definite Door
3. Burn & Shine

Side C
1. Earlier Than Expected
2. 20 Questions
3. When Mute Tongues Can Speak

Side D
1. Lights Out
2. How She Lied By Living
3. Coming Right Along

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